Size Regular: 30cm x 25cm
Size XXL: 70cm x 40cm

Upgrade your workspace with our Mouse Pads, the perfect blend of
style, comfort, and functionality. These oversized mouse pads redefine
your workspace, providing ample room for your keyboard and mouse, making
them a must-have addition for gamers, designers, and professionals.

Art by: @Micahmicz03

This Mousepad is a preorder, items will be shipped after the preorder is fulfilled.

The Preorder will run from 11/13/2023 to 12/01/2023  3 mousepads of each size must be purchased for this preorder to be fulfilled.

Please consider the following when purchasing for a preorder:

All orders placed during the preorder are Final and Non-refundable until the order is fulfilled or the time period has ended

Once the preorder is met please allow 3 weeks where the Items will be made and dispatched out to you. Please look to your mailbox for information on this.

If for any reason you would like information on the preorder and the fulfilment of your purchase, please look to your mailbox or feel free to contact VTuber Central through our contact-us section.

We look forward to seeing the success of this preorder!


Regular, XXL

PREORDER – Cosmic Dreams...


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